The Age of Mass Delusion.

Stacey Rudin
4 min readMay 15, 2021

Perhaps every age is an age of mass delusion, and this fact is only periodically more visible. Humans must have always been this way, irrational, impressionable, prone to grasp any straw of safety when afraid, and to accept any torment and inconvenience if it means saving face and pleasing allies. They are certainly so now. They believe— truly believe — that if only 8 billion people could simultaneously immobilize, wearing masks, inside their homes, and report one year later to a sterile “vaccination center” at a carefully appointed time, bedecked in protective gear and anointed with hand sanitizer, we, the human race, can eliminate a virus for the first time in history. We can quash a not-so-new existential threat.

Educated people believe this. Wealthy, successful people believe this. They truly believe it is a moral duty to receive one’s vaccination, because it is the only way to survive this pandemic. They believe this just as they believed it was a moral duty to “stay home, save lives,” and to wear the cloth scrap over nose and mouth to symbolize that they take human life seriously.

It is incredible that they never realize that every other pandemic in history went away without any lockdowns, masks, social distancing, or universal vaccinations. That their general support for universal vaccination is never questioned — even when numerous cases of “covid” fail to transmit even within households, they never think, hmmm, perhaps some of us are not susceptible to this. Perhaps this can be withstood without pharmaceutical support.

Completely focused on the remote possibility of death, which exists every moment we are alive, they completely lose sight of the consequences of their all-encompassing, perverse risk-avoidance. What of the damages imposed on people injured by their tyrannical safety-obsession? That is not their concern. They are entitled to ask anything, of anyone, in their quest to “stay alive.”

This obsession has become so sick, so pathological, that it is almost beyond description. Their position is this: although they have a 95% effective vaccine, can wear seven masks under their hazmat suits, or stay home permanently, they still must impose on all of humanity a COVID vaccination, complete with “passport” to ensure they are never in close proximity to someone who does not have a pharmaceutically-enhanced immune system. The science says those who have recovered from COVID naturally have stronger protection from infection, but they get no credit under this system. The pharmaceutical must be purchased, and injected into the arm.

The mothers who witnessed their babies fundamentally change post-vaccine are idiot tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists. Everyone knows vaccines are perfectly safe. The vaccine court that has paid out billions in damages — taxpayer funded — means vaccines are perfectly safe and everyone must get all of them. There is no valid reason to refuse. If you refuse any single injection, you are an anti-vaxxer and a danger to society. You are stupid. Laughable. A second-class citizen. Forget participating in society. You will order in your groceries, and stay home. The world will go on without you.

Who does a system like this benefit? That would be corporations. Who does it harm? Regular people. Those people have been led to believe, and are now duly convinced, that they cannot “be safe” unless all 8 billion people on this planet take an experimental injection — even those people who have proven natural immunity to COVID-19. These people are led to believe they are victims. They are not empowered to control their own health, they must coerce all of humanity to buy into a corporate profit scheme. They should blame family and friends who will not agree that only vaccines can save the human race for every “COVID” death.

The result of this is a fractured society that cannot be repaired until the control freaks realize that they will never control other people. The limit of their control is over themselves. They can decide whether to throw away friendships due to disagreements, but they will never eliminate the disagreements. Humanity will never be united on a single point. People will not even stop murdering one another. Tragedies and horrors occur every day. We cannot eliminate disease and death with perfect behavior. We will never achieve perfect behavior, because everyone’s idea of “perfect” is different.

The only way out of this crisis is to look inward, to declare, “the problem is me,” to step up and do what we each can do to make the world a more tolerable place. I respectfully submit that any student of history can tell you that the only system that works is one of liberty, freedom, and respect for individual autonomy. Collectivism has been tried. Many times. It always fails. It will fail again. As much as you may want everyone to agree with you, they never will, and you should celebrate this rather than lamenting it, because you have no way to change it. Get your vaccine, wear your layers of masks, limit your interactions — do whatever you want. But do not force your choices on others.