COVID19 and DARVO: willingness to get sick does not an evil person make.

The claim: YOU make the world more dangerous for ME by exposing yourself to COVID19 infection.

If hospital beds were in short supply, maybe. Then, you could argue I may deprive you of a bed if I’m irresponsible. Barring that, however, my voluntary exposure to a pathogen makes the world safer for you. It is a natural vaccination. I am essentially agreeing to be vaccinated for your benefit, and you are calling me a killer, which is the opposite of the truth. Keeping ME safer actually makes you LESS safe, and leads to unnecessary deaths by protecting the wrong people and prolonging the period during which the elderly must be isolated. This fact is summarized nicely by infectious disease expert and Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff in his article, “Delaying herd immunity is costing lives”:

This is not exactly a “socially distanced” activity, as evidenced by the forced closure of all salons for three months of 2020.



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