Anti-Lockdowners: Take a Stand

“If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.” -George S. Patton

“Stay home, give up everything you hold dear, shame your neighbors into compliance…save lives.”

“You’re a conspiracy theorist!”

There is nothing crazy about suspecting a conspiracy. Conspiracies happen all the time. Enron, Watergate, Ponzi schemes, Iran Contra, the assassination of Julius Caesar, bank robberies, art heists, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ — all conspiracies. When circumstances do not add up, you can and should consider the possibility of a conspiracy.

“You’re not a scientist!”

This sad little statement is often the last resort of a cornered debate opponent. You don’t need to be a scientist to interpret data, understand how diseases work, and investigate how pandemics are supposed to be managed. Humans do this little thing called “learning” all the time, every single day. Anyone with the ability to read, a curious mind, and the dedication to understand can decipher the puzzle of COVID19.

“You should trust the experts!”

Often called “the argument from authority,” they mean “you should blindly trust our experts, without the ability to substantively test their recommendations!” This is a fallacy of rhetoric and logic. Take it from a litigator: you could find an equally-qualified expert to contradict everything their expert is saying.

“You won’t change your mind. You’re not objective!”

What a clever trick for preventing an opponent from ever being correct! They try to bring you around to their view by saying you need to admit you were wrong; if you won’t, it proves you’re wrong. A catch 22!

“You’re a Trump supporter!”

What on earth does Donald Trump have to do with whether we have the ability to contain COVID19? Any mention of political leanings lets you know that the person speaking sees COVID19 as a political point-scoring war. Now you know what motivates their lockdown-loving actions: “winning!”

“You don’t care about human life!”

Stop with the absurd grandma killing accusations!

“This disease causes long-term health effects!”/“There is so much we don’t know!”

The strength of a hurricane is irrelevant to whether or not we can stop it. Should we burn our city to the ground to “avoid storm damage”? Because that’s what lockdowns do. With fear and despair, we are killing thousands and thousands of people whose lives could have been saved. The exact same percentage of the population will get COVID, lockdown or no lockdown, and we are currently foisting the majority of that burden on the working class and poor while rich young professionals take Zoom calls. This is unconscionable and disgusting. It needs to stop.

“Once you have deliberated and determined that a course of action is wise, never discredit your judgment. Stand squarely behind your decision. Chances are there may indeed be people who misunderstand your intentions and who may even condemn you. But if, according to your best judgment, you are acting rightly, you have nothing to fear. Take a stand.”



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